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Story Book Weddings
Story Book Weddings
About Us

Story Book Weddings is committed to capturing your vision for your wedding day, making sure every last detail
is taken care of! Our affordable, professional services are tailor-made around your needs, we can help you with
as much or as little as you want. We wish to make sure every detail is taken care of for you, and any unexpected
issues are quickly resolved.

Who is Behind Story Book Weddings?

Sarah A. Hart began Story Book Weddings in 1999, out of a dream to create fabulous events at an affordable
price. After years of doing events through other channels, Sarah felt it was time to branch out on her own.

Where Does Sarah Come From?

Sarah was raised in the Treasure Valley, gaining much of her knowledge by living
and working beside the people
who have built great businesses that service the event industry. Educated at Boise
State University, Sarah
graduated with a BBA in 1998. But, it is the multi-disciplinary background that
has brought events into her life,
5 years experience in Stage Management
6 years experience in Catering Management
6 years experience in Floral Design
12 years experience in Clothing Design, Fabric Selection, & Clothing Production

With strong leadership, problem solving, and organization skills, Sarah is able to
make your wedding a truly pleasurable experience for you, your family and all of
your guests.